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Cut loose and jump your way around our three trampoline zones. Flip, trick and bounce your way through our interconnected trampolines. Challenge yourself to a game of dodgeball or bounce around with friends. All trampoline zones are connected making it easy to jump around and move between each section


The ultimate parkour and ninja warrior challenge zone.
Our on ground parkour activities will challenge you to jump, climb, cross and balance your way through each activity. Conquer the parkour and it's on to the next challenge. stepping up a gear to the ninja warrior course includes hanging obstacles designed to test your skill & strength.
Are you up for a challenge of being a Jumpside ninja warrior ???


Climb, hang, jump, swing and crawl your way through our junior ninja obstacle course. A challenging fun obstacle course for kids of all ages.


Feel the thrill of our inflated air track sports court. Shoot, dunk, score. Team up with your friends, or just free play shoot some hoops or kick for goal. You’ll feel like you have springs in your feet as you bounce around the court. Trust us, it’s awesome


5yrs & Under Junior Play Zone.
Spread across 2 fun and action packed levels, the junior play zone provides a fun, safe and protected (From all the big kids) play space for all our 'Little Hero's'. With two levels of activity to explore, challenge and play through, your little one's will love it. And, of course, we haven't forgotten everyone's favourite, take the slide down into our giant ball pit !

Elevate your fun